The Hendon Law Firm Case Results

Below is a sample of settlements or trials obtained since 2008. These results are by way of example only and are not intended to create an expectation that similar results can be obtained in any particular case as all cases are fact specific.  Some of these cases were liability cases and some were workers' comp cases. In the workers' comp cases, the injured worker also received (in addition to the amount entered below) thousands of dollars of income and medical benefits for a long period prior to settling their case unless otherwise specified:

  • $2,800,000 for liability case involving death caused by unsafe gas station property.
  • $2,425,000 for another contested death liability case.
  • $215,000 shoulder surgery from tractor trailer accident.
  • $375,000 for 60 year old worker with a partial leg amputation.
  • $186,500 for low back injury to a mechanic after he had received over one year of income benefits and medical treatment.
  • $175,000 for an injured painter after years of benefits for a left tibia fracture with knee complications.
Hazardous floor conditions
  • $110,000 for fractured fibula and post surgical changes of tibia.
  • ​$110,000 for a manufacturing worker after undergoing a L4-5 laminetomy and disc excision.
  • ​$100,000 for a right shoulder fracture and rotator cuff tear for a food service worker.
  • $95,000 plus $51,000 for future medical benefits for a toy store worker after lumbar injury, left shoulder and rotator cuff repair and cervical strain.
  • ​$87,500 for bilateral partial thickness rotator cuff tear to a parts driver.
Personal injury lawyer working at desk in library
  • $70,000 for truck driver with a neck injury.
  • $75,000 for a truck driver with rotator cuff tear and cervical disc bulge.
  • ​$74,500 left knee posterior lateral meniscus tear for a department store worker.
  • $70,000 for a low back injury to a grocery clerk.
18 Wheeler driving on interstate
Library for Personal Injury Lawyers
  • $70,000 for twisted left knee of waiter after surgery.
  • ​$52,500 for left arthroscopic knee injury to a certified Nursing assistant.
  • ​$50,000 for mover after he received income benefits and had arthroscopic surgery for an injured shoulder.
  • ​$48,750 for an injured waiter after he received benefits and had arthroscopic knee surgery.
  • $47,500 for cervical strain to a pharmacy technician.
rear end car crash
  • ​$85,000 for left knee medial meniscus tear.
  • $80,000 for neck strain and rib fracture of an electrician.
  • ​$80,000 to a truck driver for tendon tears to the right wrist.
  • $80,000 for lady who worked for a manufacturer and injured her left shoulder resulting in a left shoulder and rotator cuff repair.
Workers bandage an injury from an construction accident
  • ​$158,750 for a warehouse worker with a lumbar fusion and failed back syndrome, after receiving years of benefits.
  • ​$150,000 for construction worker who had a low back fusion and laminectomy.
  • $135,000 for a certified nursing assistant with a back injury.
  • ​$120,000 for a health care professional who required a total knee replacement.
  • ​$117,500 to worker with a head injury.