Client Testimonials

When I was injured at work, it took me 5-7 months to decide to contact a lawyer, I was still in pain, could not do my job, get a bath, do the ordinary things in life without being very painful. after I contacted him he got me to another doctor, got the test I needed in the first place, and it showed that I did have a very serious injury and it required surgery. The insurance could have cared less. In the end he got my medical coverage that I needed and a great settlement.

[Client Name withheld due to settlement being confidential]

On August 6th 2008, I was severely injured on the job. I trusted that my employer would take care of me. Of course, my medical bills were taken care of, but that’s all. I was put on short term disability, but this soon ran out. I was terrified, and did not know what to do. At the request of a family member, I contacted an attorney. That attorney referred me to Zack Hendon. I met with Zack, and understandably, I was scared to move forward with a Workman’s Comp claim. Zack was very convincing, and reassured me that my employer did not have my best interests at heart.

I agreed and we moved forward with the claim. I soon realized that my employer would stop at nothing to make me the fall guy. I was put at blame for the accident, and they proceeded to make my life miserable for the next several months. They threw up every roadblock that could be thought of, but Zack made sure they weren’t successful. We finally got to mediation, and they put an insulting offer on the table. Again, Zack remained strong. We fought and won a settlement that was not only fair, but has allowed me to pursue the things in life that make me happy. If you have an employer that is trying to stick it to you, I highly recommend Zack. He will take care of you, and fight for what’s right.

[Client Name withheld due to settlement being confidential]

Peer Attorney Endorsement

Zack is an exceptional attorney with deep and proven experience in personal injury and workers compensation. I regularly refer others to Zack and highly recommend him to both other attorneys and those in need of an attorney.

Paul Knowlton 

Zack is a great attorney who diligently advocates for his Clients while remaining respectful to opposing attorneys.

Sarah Stottlemyer 

Zack is very responsive to his clients and has the experience to handle any matter. I would feel confident with him as my attorney.

Judy Croy 

Zack Hendon is an active member with the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and has built a strong reputation as a successful Workers Compensation attorney with over 20 years experience. He is well known in the community as an active litigator who will fight tirelessly for his clients. Zack is well respected by his peers and continues to do outstanding work helping seriously injured people.

Norman Miller 

Zack is a highly respected attorney who is very knowledgeable in the area of workers’ compensation. He always deals with other attorneys in a professional manner.

Doug Rohan 

Zack is a well skilled lawyer that fights for his client’s best interest. Zack has years of experience, which allows him to obtain successful results.

Tony Kalka 

Zack is an experienced attorney with years of experience in handling workers’ compensation cases from both the defense and claimant’s side. If one of my friends or family members suffered an on-the-job injury and needed legal representation, I would not hesitate to refer him or her to Zack.

Jim Richter 
Defense Attorney

Zack Hendon is a very experienced workers compensation litigator. Mr. Hendon is well respected in the legal community, and is known for his vigorous representation of his clients. Mr. Hendon has a long legal career representing employers and insurers, as well as claimants before the State Board of Workers Compensation. His clients appreciate his thorough approach and his professional expertise, as well as his passion for his work. Mr. Hendon offers consistently excellent representation to his clients.

Deborah Harris